Smart Robots: Convergence of AI with Robotics

Smart robots are equipped with high-sensitive sensors that keenly observe the surrounding environment and provide attributes like self-learning and self-correction with the help of artificial technology. In other words, Smart Robots: Convergence of AI with Robotics Articles a smart robot consists of Artificial Intelligence (AI) which can establish a Related to AI tools partnership with humans, work together with them, and imitates their actions.

There are many advantages of adopting smart robots such as they work quickly, precisely, and tirelessly without any manual intervention. Moreover, they are capable of displaying human-like intelligence without being completely programmed.


These robots are capable of learning from their surroundings, environment, and experience. They are able to do not only manual work but also cognitive tasks. With the increasing popularity and technological developments, we can predict that robots and other intelligent systems will take over the majority of jobs currently performed by humans.
Applications of the Smart Robots 1. Healthcare segment

We expect a massive change in the healthcare sector by installing smart robots. Instead of going to a primary care physician who will provide us a check-up with a stethoscope, we will have smart robots performing these tasks. They have the capacity of interacting with patients, observe their conditions, and evaluate the need for further appointments.

Pharmabotics will lead to massive changes. They will be like ATMs for medicines, so we can get the medication we require while ruling out the discomfort of talking to a stranger about our health conditions.
2. Industrial segment

We can anticipate that the industrial segment will garner the highest growth in the industry. This is due to the growing deployment of smart robots in manufacturing units. Smart robots offer various benefits such as they expand the manufacturing capacity, increases workplace safety, decrease labor costs, and increases quality. These elements will promote several end-users to deploy smart robots in the next few years.